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Filosofia 4 (Ingles)

Timothy Leary - THE ETERNAL PHILOSOPHY OF CHAOS.pdf                       
Descartes - Discurso do Método.pdf                                   
Comte - Discurso Preliminar Sobre o Espirito Positivo.pdf           
Nietzche - Der Antichrist.pdf                                       
Nietzche - Beyond Good and Evil.pdf                                 
Hume - Investigação Sobre o Entendimento Humano.pdf                 
Bacon - The Advancement of Learning.pdf                             
Debord - A Sociedade do Espetáculo.pdf                              
Bacon - A Sabedoria dos Antigos.pdf                                 
Locke - The End of All Evil.pdf                                     
Russell - The Problems of Philosophy.pdf                            
Hobbes - Leviathan II vols.rar                                       
Goethe - Fausto.pdf                                                 
Converse - Atheism As A Positive Social Force.pdf                   
Abbott - Flatland.pdf                                               
Dewey - Democracy And Education.pdf                                 
Tolstoi - O Reino de Deus está em Vós.pdf                           
Bermúdes - The Paradox of Self-Consciousness.pdf                    
Zakharyaschev - Handbook of Advanced Modal Logic.pdf                 
Foucault - Madness and Civilization.pdf                             
1Matustík - Radical Evil and the Scarcity of Hope.pdf                
Hardt & Negri - Empire.pdf                                          
The Theory of Eternal Life Rodney Collin.pdf                              
Kierkegaard - Selected Writings.pdf                                 
Foucault - The Order of Things.pdf                                  
Tubs - Philosophy's Higher Education.pdf                            
James - The Varieties of Religious Experience.pdf                   
Kerstein - Kant's Search for the Supreme Principle of Morality.pdf  
Distin - The Selfish Meme.pdf                                       
Singer - Cinematic Mythmaking.pdf                                    
Mendelsohn - The Philosophy of Gottlob Frege.pdf                    
Watkin - Kant and the Metaphysics of Causality.pdf              
Bonhomme - What Voltaire Tries to Tell Us.pdf                       
Ede - Art and Science.pdf                                            
Kant - Theoretical Philosophy after 1781.pdf                        
Wittgenstein - Philosophical Investigations.pdf                     
Gaarder, Hellern & Notaker - O Livro das Religiões.pdf              
Ridling - Philosophy, Then and Now.pdf                              
Sim - Empires of Belief.pdf                                         
Popper - The Open Society And It's Enemies.pdf                      
Baader - The Description Logic Handbook.pdf                          
Dawkins - The Blind Watchmaker.pdf                                  
Austin & Warnock - Sense and Sensibilia.pdf                         
Scudder - The Labor-Value Fallacy.pdf                               
Russell - A History of Western Philosophy.pdf                       
Stocker - Derrida On Deconstruction.pdf                             
Grayling - Ludwig Wittgenstein.pdf                                  
Israel - Radical Enlightenment.pdf                                   
Israel - Enlightenment Contested.pdf                                
Talbot - Ancient Philosophy.pdf                                     
Strawson - Individuals.pdf                                          
Strawson - The Bounds of Sense.pdf                                   
Honderich - The Oxford Companion To Philosophy.pdf                  
Mill - Literature of Liberty.pdf                                    
McComb - The Future Life in the Light of Modern Inquiry.pdf         
Ryle - The Concept Of Mind.pdf                                      
Churchland - Engine of Reason.pdf                                   
Heidegger - Being and Time.pdf                                      
Besant - My Path to Atheism.pdf                                      
Churchland - Neurophilosophy.pdf                                    
Dendy - The Philosophy of Mystery.pdf                               
Beakley - The Philosophy of Mind.pdf                                
Henry Holt - The Cosmic Relations and Immortality Vol. I.pdf              
Henry Holt - The Cosmic Relations and Immortality Vol. II.pdf             
Hale - A Companion to the Philosophy of Language.pdf                
Goldman - Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive Science.pdf          
Gurney - Phantasms of the Living.pdf                                
Creighton - An Introductory Logic.pdf!VQQkgKpS!CocGWRQTuCTtH5TmKUeJnDbsdsgfH0xivqkX1EDMxxU                           


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