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Conspiracy Theories books-(Libro de Teoria de las Conspiraciones)

Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq - The War on Freedom, How and Why America was Attacked (2002).pdf
Albert, Michael - Realizing Hope, Life Beyond Capitalism (2006).pdf
Aronson, March - Master of Deceit, J. Edgar Hoover and America in the Age of Lies (2012).pdf
Assange, Julian - Cypherpunks, Freedom and the Future of the Internet (2012).pdf
Bakan, Joel - The Corporation, The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power (2004) (no OCR).pdf
Bakan, Joel - The Corporation, The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power (2004).pdf
Bamford, James - The Shadow Factory, The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9-11 to the Eavesdropping on America (2008).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - America (1989).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Cool Memories 1980-1985 (1990) (no OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Cool Memories II 1987-1990 (1996) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Cool Memories V 2000-2004 (2006) (no OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - For a Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign (1981) (no OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Forget Foucault (2007).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities or the End of the Social, And Other Essays (1983).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Screened Out (2002).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Seduction (1990) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Selected Writings 2nd (2002).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Simulacra and Simulation (1994).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Simulations (1983) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Simulations (1983).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Singular Objects of Architecture (2002).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - The Conspiracy of Art, Manifestos Interviews Essays (2005) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - The Consumer Society, Myths and Structures (1998) [html].pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - The Intelligence of Evil or the Lucidity Pact (2005).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - The Mirror of Production (1975).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - The Perfect Crime (1996).pdf    
Baudrillard, Jean - The Spirit of Terrorism (2003) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - The Transparency of Evil, Essays on Extreme Phenomena (1993).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - The Vital Illusion (2000).pdf
Baudrillard, Jean - Utopia Deferred, Writings for Utopie 1967-1978 (2006).pdf
Begich, Dr. Nick - Angels Don't Play This HAARP, Advances in TESLA Technology (1995).pdf
Berkman, Alexander - Life of an Anarchist, The Alexander Berkman Reader (2004).pdf
Bernstein, William J. - The Investor's Manifesto, Preparing for Prosperity Armageddon and Everything in Between (2010).pdf
Bivens, J. - Failure by Design, The Story behind America's Broken Economy (2011).pdf
Black, Bob -  Anarchy after Leftism (1997) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Black, Edwin - Banking on Baghdad, Inside Iraq's 7000-Year History of War Profit and Conflict (2004).pdf
Black, Edwin - War against the Weak, Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race 2nd (2012).pdf 
Borkin, Joseph - Germany's Master Plan, The Story of an Industrial Offensive (1943).pdf
Briody, Dan - The Halliburton Agenda, The Politics of Oil and Money (2004).pdf
Brooks, Max - The Zombie Survival Guide (2003).pdf
Browne, Harry - How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World 3rd (2004).pdf
Brzezinski, Zbigniew - Second Chance, Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower (2007) (no OCR).pdf
Brzezinski, Zbigniew and Scowcroft, Brent - America and the World, Conversations on the Future of American Foreign Policy (2008).pdf
Bullock, Alan - Hitler, A Study in Tyranny (revised edition) (1964).pdf
Carr, Nicholas - The Big Switch, Rewiring the World from Edison to Google (2008).pdf
Carr, Nicholas - The Shallows, What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains (2010).pdf
Chase, Stuart - Men and Machines (1937) (no OCR).pdf
Chase, Stuart - The Road We Are Traveling (1942) (no OCR).pdf
Chernow, Ron - The House of Morgan, An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance (2010).pdf 
Chomsky, Noam - 9-11 (2001).pdf    
Chomsky, Noam - A New Generation Draws the Line (2000).pdf  
Chomsky, Noam - Deterring Democracy (1992).pdf   
Chomsky, Noam - Failed States, The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy (2006) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Fateful Triangle, The United States Israel and the Palestinians (1999).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Gaza in Crisis, Reflections on Israel's War against the Palestinians (2010).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Hegemony or Survival, America's Quest for Global Dominance (2003).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Imperial Ambitions (2005).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Making the Future, Occupations Interventions Empire and Resistance (2012).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Media Control, The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda (1991).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Media Control, The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda 2nd (1997).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Necessary Illusions, Thought Control in Democratic Societies (1989).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Pirates and Emperors Old and New, International Terrorism in the Real World (2002).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Profit Over People, Neoliberalism and Global Order (1999) (no OCR).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - Rogue States (2000) (no OCR).pdf  
Chomsky, Noam - Secrets, Lies and Democracy (1994).pdf
Chomsky, Noam - The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many (1994).pdf                             
Chomsky, Noam - Understanding Power, The Indispensable Chomsky (2002).pdf                       
Chomsky, Noam - Year 501, The Conquest Continues (1993).pdf                                     
Chomsky, Noam and Barsamian, David - What We Say Goes, Conversations on U.S. Power in a Changing World (2007).pdf
Chomsky, Noam and Foucault, Michel - The Chomsky-Foucault Debate on Human Nature (2006) (no OCR).pdf
Chomsky, Noam and Herman, Edward - Counter-Revolutionary Violence, Bloodbaths in Fact and Propaganda (1973).pdf
Chomsky, Noam and Herman, Edward - Manufacturing Consent, The Political Economy of the Mass Media (1988) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Chossudovsky, Michel - The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order 2nd (2003).pdf
Clair, J.S. and Frank, J. and Gray, K.A. - Hopeless, Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (2012).pdf
Conard, Edward - Unintended Consequences, Why Everything You've been Told about the Economy is Wrong (2012).pdf
Devoy, Stephen - Identifying Spies and Infiltrators (2004-2005).pdf      
Diamond, Jared - Collapse, How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (2005).pdf
Diamond, Jared - Guns Germs and Steel, The Fates of Human Societies (1999).pdf
Domhoff, G. William - The Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats, A Study In Ruling-Class Cohesiveness (1974).pdf
Domhoff, G. William - The Power Elite and the State, How Policy is Made in America (1990) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Domhoff, G. William - Who Rules America, Power Politics and Social Change 5th (2005).pdf
Domhoff, G. William and Webber, Michael J. - Class and Power in the New Deal, Corporate Moderates Southern Democrats and the Liberal-Labor Coalition (2011) (no OCR).pdf
Domhoff, G. William and Zweigenhaft, Richard L. - Blacks in the White Elite, Will the Progress Continue (2003).pdf
Douglas, Gregory - Gestapo-Chief, The CIA and Heinrich Muller (1998).pdf
Douglas, Gregory - Regicide, The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy (2002).pdf
Douglas, Gregory - The CIA Covenant, Nazis in Washington (Muller journals) (1999).pdf
Dresser, Horatio W. - A History of the New Thought Movement (1919).pdf
Edsall, T. B. - The Age of Austerity, How Scarcity Will Remake American Politics (2012).pdf
Edwards, D. and Cromwell, D. - Guardians of Power, The Myth of the Liberal Media (2006).pdf
Eichhorn, David Max - Evangelizing the American Jew, A Rare Glimpse into the Politics Personalities and Problems of the Missionary Novement in North America (1978).pdf                
Eisen, Jonathan - Suppressed Inventions & Discoveries, Suppression Scientific Cover-Ups Misinfo Brilliant Breakthroughs (2001).pdf
Engdahl, F. William - Full Spectrum Dominance, Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order (2009) (no OCR).pdf
Engdahl, F. William - Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation (2007).pdf
Epperson, A. Ralph - The New World Order (1990).pdf
Epstein, Edward Jay - The Annals of Unsolved Crime (2013).pdf
Ewen, Stuart - PR, A Social History of Spin (1996) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Farrell, Joseph P. - Reich of the Black Sun, Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied Legend (2004).pdf
Farrell, Joseph P. - Secrets of the Unified Field, The Philadelphia Experiment the Nazi Bell and the Discarded Theory (2008) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Farrell, Joseph P. - The Cosmic War, Interplanetary Warfare Modern Physics and Ancient Texts (2007) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Fergusson, Adam - When Money Dies, The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse (1975).pdf
Ferro, Mark - The Use and Abuse of History, Or How the Past Is Taught (1984) (no OCR).pdf
Finkelstein, Norman G. - Beyond Chutzpah, On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History (2005).pdf                
Finkelstein, Norman G. - The Holocaust Industry, Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering (2000).pdf                
Finkelstein, Norman G. - This Time We Went Too Far, Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion (2010).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Abnormal, Lectures at the College de France 1974-1975 (2003).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Discipline and Punish, The Birth of The Prison (1995) (Scan, OCR).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 Vol. 1, Ethics Subjectivity and Truth (1997) (Scan, OCR).pdf                
Foucault, Michel - Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 Vol. 2, Aesthetics Method and Epistemology (1999) (Scan, OCR).pdf                
Foucault, Michel - Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 Vol. 3, Power (2001) (no OCR).pdf
Foucault, Michel - History of Madness (2006).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Mental Illness and Psychology (1987).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Politics Philosophy Culture, Interviews and Other Writings 1977-1984 (1988).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Power-Knowledge, Selected Interviews and Other Writings 1972-1977 (1980).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Psychiatric Power, Lectures at the College de France 1973-1974 (2006).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Security Territory Population, Lectures at the College de France 1977-78 (2007).pdf
Foucault, Michel - Society Must Be Defended, Lectures at the College de France 1975-76 (2003) (no OCR).pdf
Foucault, Michel - The Birth of Biopolitics, Lectures at the College de France 1978-1979 (2008).pdf
Foucault, Michel - The Birth of the Clinic, An Archaeology of Medical Perception (1973).pdf
Foucault, Michel - The Courage of the Truth, The Government of Self and Others II (2011).pdf
Foucault, Michel - The Foucault Reader (1984).pdf
Foucault, Michel - The Government of Self and Others, Lectures at the College de France 1982-1983 (2010).pdf
Foucault, Michel - The Order of Things, An Archaeology of the Human Sciences 2nd (2002).pdf
Foucault, Michel - The Politics of Truth 2nd (2007).pdf
Franken, Al - Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right (2003).pdf
Friedman, Stanton T. and Berliner, Don - Crash at Corona, The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a UFO (1992).pdf
Galeano, Eduardo - Days and Nights of Love and War (2000) (no OCR).pdf
Galeano, Eduardo - Open Veins of Latin America, Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent (1997).pdf
Gatto, John Taylor - An Underground History of American Education (2000).pdf
Gatto, John Taylor - Dumbing Us Down, The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling 2nd (2005).pdf
Gatto, John Taylor - Weapons of Mass Instruction, A Schoolteacher's Journey through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling (2009).pdf
Glum, Dr. Gary - Full Disclosure, The Truth About the AIDS Epidemic (1994).pdf
Goldacre, Ben - Bad Science, Hack Quacks and Uncomfortable Facts (2009).pdf
Goldacre, Ben - Bad Science, New Chapter - The Doctor Will Sue You Now (2009).pdf 
Goldberg, Bernard - 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (2005).pdf
Goldin, Ian - Divided Nations, Why Global Governance is Failing and What We Can Do about It (2013) [uncorrected proof].pdf
Gouge, William M. - A Short History of Paper Money and Banking in the United States (1833).pdf
Grant, George - Bringing in the Sheaves, Transforming Poverty into Productivity (1985).pdf
Grant, George - Killer Angel, A Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder Margaret Sanger (1995).pdf
Greenfield, Allen H. - Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts (1994).pdf 
Greenfield, Allen H. - Secret Rituals of the Men in Black (2005).pdf
Gross, Martin L. - National Suicide, How Washington Is Destroying the American Dream from A to Z (2009).pdf
Guerin, Daniel - Anarchism and Marxism (1981).pdf
Guerin, Daniel - Anarchism, From Theory to Practice (1970).pdf
Guerin, Daniel - No Gods No Masters, An Anthology of Anarchism (4 Vols) (2005).pdf
John Coleman - Conspirators' Hierarchy - The Story of the Committee of 300 - pdf [TKRG].pdf

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